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At Ingomar Church we exist to lead our students in a growing relationship with Jesus Christ. We believe that life is better, when Christ is at the center. Our goal is to walk with our students on their faith journey and help them strengthen their faith.



Youth Ministry Programs available for 6th-12th Grade!

Youth Ministry can be a life preserver as your student enters into Junior and Senior High. We meet as a group on a weekly basis to offer community, support, and mentorship to our students enrolled in grades 6-12. We believe that Youth Ministry can change a students’ life, and we encourage you or your student to join us each week as we learn how to put our faith into action. God designed us to yearn for healthy communities, and that is what we provide for students: a healthy, safe, and nurturing environment where students can explore their faith without judgment.

ROOT: Grades 6-8

Sundays 5:00-6:30pm; Youth Room
15 minute hang out time, 35 minute game, 10 minute announcements, 15 minute lesson, 10 minute small group time. Snacks are plentiful!

FISH: Grades 9-12

Sundays 6:30pm-8:30pm; Youth Room
25 minute hang out time and dinner, 30 minute game, 15 minute announcements 20 minute lesson, 30 minute small group time. Snacks and Dinner Served: Remember, bring $3-$5 for dinner!



Sunday Small Groups are available for all ages!


Sunday Small Groups will be available every Sunday starting September 10th for all age groups. This is a time where students can come, connect with each other, and grow in their faith through Bible lessons.

Where Can I Find My Class?
Grades 6 & 7 Small Group: Community Life Center Room 125B
Teachers: Craig Hunkele, John Vogt // Curriculum: Orange XP3

Grade 8 Confirmation Small Group: Worship and Education Center 128
Teachers: Darlene Brideweser, John and Tammy Debonis, Laurie Hollenbeck, Megan DelGrosso
Curriculum: Collaborate Curriculum (Methodist Edition)
Parents Confirmation Small Group: Worship and Education Center 125/127
Teachers: Russ Gibson, Carl Wiker // Curriculum: Varies

Grades 9-12 Small Group: Community Life Center Youth Room (Main Floor)
Teachers: Jim Mountain and Mark Naylor // Curriculum: Varies